Bluntberry Meadows

We spent the last weekend of summer in paradise, nestled in the valley of mountains, some 1500m in the sky.  We camped in what can best be described as The Shire from Lord of the Rings or what my favourite childhood character, Littlefoot, would call the Great Valley. It was magical. Saturday morning we woke up […]

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Borne To Be Wild

On the August long weekend we had the pleasure of being hosts to Jill and Pete, so we decided to show them why we love the west coast and all it has to offer. They arrived around midnight and we went straight to bed, for four hours. We stopped at the Cypress Mountain view point […]

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A River Runs Through It

These last couple weeks Vancouver has been under an extreme heat wave. So Carling and I, along with Emilie and David decided to escape the heat and head to the Skagit Valley. Unfortunately, it was just as hot in the valley if not hotter, but we had the refuge of a nice cool river and […]

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Dinner all weekend long!

A wise friend of mine recommended that we get back on this old blog of ours, so here I am. It has been almost a year since our last post, and a lot has happened. Maybe we will take some time and look back at those wonderful memories but for now, onwards! This past weekend […]

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The Lions

When you come to Vancouver you begin to realize that lots of things are named after big cats, specifically lions. You have the BC Lions, The Lions Gate Bridge and Lions Gate Entertainment. All these names stem from two notorious peaks – The Lions – which are visible from downtown Vancouver and surrounding area. After […]

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Porchlight Press

It’s funny how your priorities shift when time is on the line. Like this blog for example. We spent hours over the duration of our travels editing, writing, and photographing all the little bits we felt compelled to share. The time we spent writing each night was a great way to reflect on the day. […]

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October in Vancouver

Our intention with this blog was to continue sharing our adventure, maybe lending some insight into the challenges of moving to a new city. We thought we’d be posting about how we’re adjusting, to the weather, and different things to consider before making a move, that maybe we didn’t think of.  We had grand plans, […]

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Trans Canada West

We have arrived in Vancouver and are nicely settled into our new and temporary living situation – more on this in our next entry. Though we realize this blog is long over due, we still feel its relevant to show the full road trip. The last section of the drive was by far the most […]

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Between yesterday and today we travelled 1458 miles, roughly 2346 km, over five states and landed in Great Falls, Montana which is about an hour from the Canadian border. After a bit of research we decided to take the southern route along I-90 – a continuous hwy stretching from Seattle to Boston. It adds an […]

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