Bluntberry Meadows

We spent the last weekend of summer in paradise, nestled in the valley of mountains, some 1500m in the sky.  We camped in what can best be described as The Shire from Lord of the Rings or what my favourite childhood character, Littlefoot, would call the Great Valley. It was magical.

Saturday morning we woke up at an ungodly hour, rallied the troops (Emilie, David and Bill) and set off down the Sea to Sky. Two hours later, after one breakfast pit stop and one arduous off-roading adventure, we had arrived at the trailhead.

The hike in was surreal, the surrounding mountains seemed to jump out off the landscape, each one more vivid and bold than the next.  Once we reached the meadows, we meandered around trying to find the perfect location to set up base-camp. Even though any spot would have been perfect, we chose a place right at the base of the mountain beside a giant boulder that obviously came tumbling down the mountainside at some point in time.

The afternoon was spent climbing one of the steepest and most gruelling hikes we have done thus far. Once we reached the top we we were rewarded with breathtaking views of all the surrounding mountains. The “Top” for us, was at about 2000m. To give you some perspective that is about 4 times the height of the CN tower. We didn’t reach the true summit because in order to do so you had to cross a glacier field. Without climbing gear and ropes, could become really dangerous because you have no idea what is beneath the snow pack. But we were super stoked that everyone made it – especially Watson.

What goes up must come down. So we slowly started making our way. It’s hard work descending down a steep slope covered in loose sharp rock. Gradually our tents started to become bigger and bigger. The steep rock covered hill became more grassy and less steep. Flat ground was near. It was a relief to be back at camp and relax around a nice warm fire, drink a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows), and eat a couple fire roasted hot dogs.

As the sun faded behind the mountains, day quickly turned to night and the sky filled up with millions of stars. We huddled closely around the fire to absorb the last of its heat before turing in for the cold night ahead.

The next day we took things pretty easy. Just hung around the camp fire, sharing stories and “that’s what she said” jokes.
We did a short-ish hike to the nearby waterfall, and then decided to pack it in.

It was a great weekend getaway to another truly beautiful place. Until next time.






























One thought on “Bluntberry Meadows

  1. WOW!!! It was really hard to fathom how cold you had told us it was when we were finding it hard to do much of anything, as the heat reached 44 degrees in Southern Ontario. We were really at the end of each others scopes of this same beautiful Country we live in. I love to read about your ventures. You are living life to the fullest and although this looked like another hidden gem in Canada, I am glad to only be reading about it. I’m not sure I could’ve kept up for this one. With having a choice (unlike Watson), I think I would’ve graciously stayed back this time….. LOL

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