October in Vancouver

Our intention with this blog was to continue sharing our adventure, maybe lending some insight into the challenges of moving to a new city. We thought we’d be posting about how we’re adjusting, to the weather, and different things to consider before making a move, that maybe we didn’t think of.  We had grand plans, in all the free time that we would in theory have on our hands. So what happened exactly?

Instead like some sort of good fortune/trickery we have been blessed with the most beautiful month of sunshine and warm weather. This rare treasure, has been both distracting and something we could not take for granted. We were told, when you move to the We(s)t Coast to makes sure we had a great rain coat, and to maybe consider getting a Happy Lamp – otherwise known as a vitamin D lamp to help us through the winter. We came here intentionally at the beginning of the fall to put our decision to the ultimate test, we had intended to fall smack dab in the beginning of ten months of rain, never once having experienced the magnificent beauty which Vancouver beholds. We felt strongly that we needed to experience this city at it’s worst before we fell in love with it’s best features.

It was kind of like a no bullshit approach to a relationship. Instead of dating and getting to know each others best qualities, and inevitably falling downwardly into the shocking reality and sometime misery of the others true colours as you would, we would just start with the bad. This way she couldn’t win us over with her beautiful landscape, and radiant sunshine, or take us up her mountain sides to see things from a place we’ve never been. This way we’d be forced to decide if we could take the worst before we even knew the best. But alas Mother Nature, that cupidy old spin, had other plans for Pawel and I. Against all our best efforts, we’ve been courted and woed, and shown a good time. We have fallen for this place, Vancouver, and we’re smittenly in love. I wonder know that we know how wonderful she can be, if it will make it harder or easier to make it through this long winters storm.















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