A River Runs Through It

These last couple weeks Vancouver has been under an extreme heat wave. So Carling and I, along with Emilie and David decided to escape the heat and head to the Skagit Valley. Unfortunately, it was just as hot in the valley if not hotter, but we had the refuge of a nice cool river and lake to bask in. Ross Lake is a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains and is literally right on the U.S. border. Accompanying the lake is the Skagit River. This is a highly protected river that is about 240 km long, and it flows from the North Cascades, through Ross Lake, into Washington State before snaking its way to the Pacific Ocean. It is also known as one of the best Trout streams in the lower mainland. Which is why I’m always happy to go there. After spending a day and a night in the Valley, on our way home we made a quick detour to the Chehalis River, Carling’s favourite swimming hole. Last year, she literally embodied Pocahantos and swam in the crystal clear river with Sockeye Salmon swimming below her. This time there were no Salmon but the water was the perfect temperature that you just couldn’t hestitate to jump right in.















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