Dinner all weekend long!

A wise friend of mine recommended that we get back on this old blog of ours, so here I am. It has been almost a year since our last post, and a lot has happened. Maybe we will take some time and look back at those wonderful memories but for now, onwards!

This past weekend Emily Dinner visited Vancouver. From the time she landed, our weekend set off at high-speed down a freeway-of-fun until ultimately coming to a screeching halt on HWY 1. Despite the traffic and the poor GPS quality offered by my iPhone 4S we made it to the airport, but just barely!

Friday & Saturday
Friday night started with three great friends (Emily, Alicia and myself) sharing a bottle of wine and a few ciders. We had a nice dinner, caught up like it was old times and ended at McD’s with two sundae’s and two medium fries. We were off to a good start.

Saturday, on account of the previous evening escapades, was a slow start. Eventually we set off on a seawall adventure joined by Pawel, Julie (the other Dinner), Alicia and Corey. The six of us weaved our way along, alternating between five bikes and a longboard. We stopped at Pineapple Rock, spent some time on Third Beach, played frisbee and had a late lunch in Coal Harbour. Naturally, all the fun in the sun had caught up with us, but we were short on time and determined to make the best of every minute we had. We dropped off the bikes, picked up the Watson, and walked over to 33 Acres for a pint, stopping along the way to grab a cone at Earnest Ice Cream. Their vegan ice cream is probably my favourite part about Vancouver, today anyways. All this activity was promptly followed by a nap in my favourite park and a little time spent on the swings. We ended the evening with homemade BBQ pizza on our rooftop deck.

Up bright and early, we set off to Alice Lake. No luck, as there are no dogs allowed. Seriously, no dogs allowed anywhere. Off to Stump Lake, but no sun and no beach. No problem. Off to Brohm Lake! Thanks to beautiful British Columbia for being decked out with so many lake options. And thanks to Alice Lake for nothing!

We spent the morning and early afternoon on a tilted rock face on the edge of Brohm Lake. The sun was shining, the water was warm and we were having a great time. Everyone on the lake was sporting inflatable things – paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, even floating houses. Fortunately for us there was an old dead log floating around that Pawel could take out for a spin! Eventually hunger set in and we headed down the road to the cutest forest restaurant! Fergie’s, situated on the edge of Cheakamus River, is a favourite spot we like to take visitors.

As mentioned earlier the ride home was a nail-biter. Almost immediately we were jammed, traffic as far as the eye could see! In the end we arrived with 25 minutes until take-off. Apparently the West Jet staff was less than kind to Ms. Dinner, but they did let her on the plane and all was right in the world again. Perfect weekend, concluded!

















2 thoughts on “Dinner all weekend long!

  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to start blogging again. It reminds me how much I miss reading about your expeditions and such and being able to see such beautiful pictures too. Keep up the good work!

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