The Lions

When you come to Vancouver you begin to realize that lots of things are named after big cats, specifically lions. You have the BC Lions, The Lions Gate Bridge and Lions Gate Entertainment. All these names stem from two notorious peaks – The Lions – which are visible from downtown Vancouver and surrounding area.

After starring at these protruding heaps of rock for the last 8 months I thought to myself that it was now time to conquer these beasts.

So Carling and I got up at sunrise and headed to Lions Bay, where we would begin the 16km journey. Not to mention the 1300 m (4,265 ft) gain in elevation. That’s roughly 3 times the height of the CN tower – for you Ontario folk.

After 3.25 hrs of climbing through forest, over giant rock slides, fallen trees and more rock slides we reached the summit. Unfortunately because of the thick fog we were left with no view and were unable to continue to the peak of the Western Lion. This peak is very exposed and should only be climbed in perfectly clear conditions.

After taking a well needed rest we began our descent. The way down is usually faster but because of the giants rocks and steep cliff faces it took us just as long to get back down. Our joints were not happy.

This morning as we biked to work, with the Lions in clear view in the distance, we couldn’t help but smile at our accomplishment – sore joints and all.








One thought on “The Lions

  1. How amazing are you two? This is such an awesome post. You must have felt like you conquered the world sitting up there! What people don’t know is that is was equally gruelling going back down because of the steepness. I am so proud of you both and I want to thank you for getting this out of your system before my visit … LOL. LOVE YOU!

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