Hamilton Wood Type Day 2

Day two at the museum we really started to see how things were going to come together. When we first arrived and were briefed on our tasks, it seemed that we would only be able to make a mere dent in the two days that we had. As it turns out, nine people, 18 hands and a solid amount of effort from everyone looks a lot more like a team of 50!

In the time we were there we moved and unpacked all the necessary furniture – flat files, desks, chairs, display cases etc. – into their allocated rooms. Additionally we were able to set up the general layout of every room on the list and more. Our goal was only three rooms – Hamilton, the retail store and the office. By the end of the weekend we had started on an additional two rooms – the cage (archives) and coat room – plus there was time to work on a bit of shuffling of palettes to help organize the warehouse. Once everything was more or less straightened out, and once everyone started to tire, Pawel snuck away to capture some photos of the amazing machinery and drawer, after drawer of Hamilton type.

All and all the weekend was an incredible experience, and not one that we will soon forget. It was especially interesting getting to know the other volunteers and their backgrounds. One guy teaches art to kids just outside Milwaukee, while another man was a retired physicist from the Chi town burbs. It’s a shame that we will be missing Wayzgoose this year, but we will absolutely be back and recommend that anyone interested in a history lesson get their butts down there!











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