To Manitowoc

We pulled out and waved goodbye to my mom, for another three months, just after 5:00 am. Saying goodbye is never easy and this was no exception, the amazingly heartfelt cards and letters my family left me wasn’t any help either. But alas, we popped in the mix Ashley put together for us and were on our way.

Unlike many of our Central American border crossings, this one went wonderfully. We had anticipated a bit more of a thorough questioning – we had a car full to the brim and a dog. However, they didn’t even so much as ask to see his records, rolling down the window to indeed confirm we had a dog was all they wanted to see before waving us on. Brilliant, two hours in, on schedule and a hassle-free border crossing to boot.

Unfortunately for Pawel I am a horrible road trip companion while sleep deprived. As he witnessed all summer, I can sleep anywhere and in any position; moving objects are as good as melatonin tablets for me. In between fighting off sleep, we stopped here and there to check out some roadside treasures like Bass Pro Shops. Pawel even got an up close view of downtown Chicago from the Chicago Skyway traffic jam. It was at this point while taking photos I ironically dropped my brand new amazingly soft neck pillow out the window. I was devastated, Jill and Ashley will understand, this baby was a beaut! Pawel laughed as it was seemingly karma for sleeping the whole day. Please know that this didn’t stop the rush of yawns and head bobs, I just can’t help it! To my delight we recovered said neck pillow hidden deep in the back seat, all was not lost.

After twelve hours we rolled up to the Manitowoc Super 8, and crashed into the pillowy soft bed. The nap was short lived as Watson had decided that he had been patient enough all day and that he wanted a walk. Fair enough, he road in the backseat pillow palace for 12 hours without so much as a peep, he was a gentleman. As a reward we headed down to the harbor front and wandered around for about an hour. The town is adorable and the waterfront is beautiful. The highlight for Watson was the easy access to swimming water by way of the boat launch. Admittedly it was our highlight too.

After our dinner excursion we got home and to our shock and horrified amazement, we saw Watson, who we left in his crate in our room sleeping, peaking at us from the bush outside the hotel. It must have been about a solid 30 seconds before we clued in that this was in fact not our dog, but someone else’s. Bryan the Westie was nearly identical to Watson. After this we admitted our delusion was based on lack of sleep and it was time to call it a night.





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