The Wild West

The shorties are back, and happy to be on the road again. We’ve spent that last three weeks packing our lives into a few suitcases and various duffle bags and totes. Our chariot, Pawel’s Audi A3, is packed to the brim and ready to make the 4000 km journey to our new home in Vancouver.

We returned from Central in a great place. I personally felt refreshed, fulfilled and completely stress free. Everything had gone perfectly – we arrived home healthy, whole and very importantly in our case, on budget. It was shocking how quickly all the stress we had rid ourselves of crept back in and threatened to take over. Things you don’t think about while travelling: being unemployed, cost of living, cell phone bills, fitting your whole life into a few bags, the logistics of driving across the continent, with a dog etc. Fortunately we work really well as a team and are quick to remind each other not to sweat the small things. Besides, the tarot card said we’d be peachy!

Aside from minor meltdowns (not really) it hasn’t all been packing and frenzy. We’ve had what feels like a lot of time to spend with family and friends. There have been countless dinners, lunches, BBQs and coffees. Even a good amount of dancing at the local bar. I was even lucky enough to visit a part of Ontario I’ve never seen before and spend some good one-on-one time with my best friend. After three months surrounded by skylines littered with lush green mountains and monstrous volcanos, Muskoka was still absolutely breath taking. The sunsets from Em’s deck were amazing. Sitting out each night in the nature, eating various Canadian dishes (BBQ pizza and grilled salmon and strawberry poppyseed salad) really brought home how beautiful this country is.

This morning, as I closed the door to my childhood bedroom and now guest room, I couldn’t help but feel a strong nostalgia for all the memories made here. This is the room I grew up in, the one with the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, the one my parents let me paint and doodle all over, the one with the window I could sneak out to sit on the roof, the room I’ve left and returned to so many times. Twenty five days later I find myself leaving yet again, on another adventure.

And now, at 5:00 am on this regular Friday morning, it is with heavy hearts we say good bye to all our amazing family and friends to head West. As Alexander Graham Bell said “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” And friends, we see many doors!

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