Ultimo Dia

Today is our last day, and it has flown by. It’s hard to believe that it has come to an end, but we couldn’t be happier to leave here feeling as fulfilled as we do. So much has happened over the past three months, some good, some bad. We can look back fondly at so many great memories, foods we’ve eaten, places we’ve visited and people we’ve met.

Looking back, I can’t help but notice the smile that instantly overwhelms my face. Carling and I did something that we always wanted to, something most people only dream about but never actually take the time to do. During that time we forged an even deeper relationship. Memories that we will share for a lifetime. What we gained was priceless.

Before we left I remember reading these four lines on a travel blog and now I can’t help but agree with how true these words are.

What we bought was time.
What we lost was money.
What we sought was adventure.
What we gained is forever.

To anyone that wants to experience a change of pace in their lives; take a break – do something different. Something that scares you, something that makes you feel alive. It’s all about taking that first step. It’s fresh, eager, filled with anticipation. It’s courageous, curious and heart-led.Take that first step because the one you regret the most is the one you don’t take.

So while it’s still fresh, and before we are reminded of all the comforts of home, we’ve assembled a list of the “Tops and Flops of Three Months in Central America.”

Tops (in order of occurrence):

Snorkeling in Belize, Tikal ruins and watching Pawel hold a tarantula, two mojitos for two dollars, meeting Caity, Darren and Zoey, Guatemalan coffee, Semuc Champay and Utopia, everything from Club Sandwich Restaurant, dinner at Por que no? with Caity and Darren, volunteering with Los Patojos in Antigua, language school, hiking San Pedro Volcano at Lago Atitlan, licaudos, overnight tour of Finca El Cisne and coffee plantation, visiting Jorge and returning to Cedros Abajo, D&D craft brewery, seeing Yiar again, visiting Mario and Gabriel, gallo pinto all the time, drinking subzero Toñas, hair cuts from California expat surfers in San Juan del Sur, learning to surf, Kurt’s apartment in Tamarindo, sunsets, fruit trees and fresh produce everywhere, Casa de Mar’s complimentary garlic bread and their margaritas and mojitos, our Casa Zen family with (Devon, Randy, Heather, Michael and Andrea), beach bon fire, the pillows at Pelican Eyes, El Gato Negro, fish tacos and amazing beaches.

Bugs and bug bites, sun burns and hang overs in Hilda’s sweat lodge, travelers sicknesses (do not drink unpasteurised milk), Vick not Vicks, falling down a huge flight of stairs in the rain, still having that bruise from falling two months later, obnoxious/ignorant travelers, heat rash, papaya, gallo beer, roosters, driving almost all the way to Mal Pais and not making it over the Bongo, almost dying at the Montezuma waterfall, the Nicaraguan border.

The adventure is far from over for us, we have another solid three months of unknowns, including a cross-country road trip and moving to a new city. We’re leaving here armed with ambition, fully inspired and ready for whatever is next!

Favourite quote from the trip:

Carling: “What happened to you!?”
Pawel: “I fell off the horse…”


2 thoughts on “Ultimo Dia

  1. So happy you guys had an amazing time & stayed safe! So sad because now what am I going to read in the morning when I get to work??????

  2. It was so awesome to keep up with you all even after we returned home. Big love from Randy and I. Welcome back and may the adventures continue.
    PS We are stoked we got on the highlights list!!!!

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