The Last Five of Eighty-five

Since we last checked in we’ve made it from San Juan del Sur back to Managua and spent an afternoon on the beach in Leon. On Thursday morning we woke up and strolled two blocks down from the hostel to eat one last breakfast at our beloved El Gato Negro. As always, she did not disappoint.

Partly because we are over the chicken bus thing, partly because we were lazy, but mostly because we felt like it, we decided to take a taxi to Managua. Now a two hour drive for $80.00 seems unreasonable when compared to a six hour ride on a chicken bus for $5.00. But really does it? We weighed out the value of our time verse money and multiplied that by how much we wanted to spend the afternoon by the pool and arrived at the only option being to take a taxi. It was wonderful really because it took less than two hours because all taxi drivers here are really formula one drivers. They really take the time is money idea to heart. The only problem was we didn’t actually know Mario’s address so instead we went to the mall, ate sushi and messaged Mario for his address. The second taxi was equally as satisfying as the first.

We spent a few days doing not much at all, mostly eating and watching movies. Oh and best of all we caught up on Breaking Bad. By Sunday we had had enough sitting around and decided to meet up with Mario’s friends in Leon – Arnesto and Carla. Arnie has a nightmare of a parrot, he laughs hysterically in this creepy voice and constantly makes loud obnoxious sounds. We loved it for the short time we were visiting.

In the afternoon we had plans of eating a nice beachfront seafood lunch and then relaxing in good company on the beach. Our intentions were good but the ice cold, rather sub zero, Toñas were better and we ended up drinking the afternoon away at the restaurant. On our way out Arnie gave us a bit of a tour through Leon, and the city seemed really great, the architecture was stunning and plentiful. Next time we are visiting, Leon will be a must see but for now we’ve run out of time.









2 thoughts on “The Last Five of Eighty-five

  1. Well it’s a bit of a bitter sweet end. I’m so happy that you were able to experience this fabulous summer backpacking across Central America.
    While I was totally sad to see you go for such a long time and scared beyond words at what could potentially happen, I am thanking God to be having you back in my arms today.
    Thank goodness for social media and such because I have felt spoiled the whole time you were away to be able to keep in such close touch with you.

    Having said that I will see you this evening.
    I’ll be the one waiting at the airport with the biggest grin ever!!!

    ~ Hugs and kisses ~

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