El Gato Negro del Sur

Our last day alone on this journey was wonderful. We enjoyed breakfast at the most amazing Café, El Gato Negro. The coffee is fresh, local and delicious and so was their homemade Greek yogurt, local honey and creamy bananas – unlike any banana we can find in Canada. The Café also doubles as in incredibly thoughtfully curated book store. All the titles are carefully picked and imported from America. The owner really takes pride in having the best selection of books in Nicaragua, and arguably Central America. Maybe even North America, this chick has got her books in line!

The first time we dined here we didn’t talk the entire breakfast, we were both completely absorbed by the menu. Not only does it serve as a means of describing the available meals, but they have spent the time to outline a variety of information about super foods, GMOs and their locally grown organic foods. In here they also offer a hilarious commentary for why they don’t offer take out coffee, how much they dislike TripAdvisor (WhineAdvisor) and how great their book selection is.

We love this place so much that after spending the morning in bed reading we decided, why not go back for lunch? Of course we had the same server as we did for breakfast and she seemed happy to have us back. I’m betting this happens often. I had an avocado/egg sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread with a field greens salad and it was amazing! I have missed spinach and arugula so much. Pawel decided for the second time today to indulge in the Canadian bacon offered on the menu. The bright pink juice in the photos is Pitaya which I just found out, by way of Google, is Dragonfruit. And because we were feeling especially motivated we had a try at reading each others taro cards. After that we both left El Gato Negro with a bit of a chill, the readings or how we had interpreted them were dead on.

In the afternoon we bust out some sweet rallies of paddle ball on the beach. As the clouds rolled in we retreated back to our hostel to make arrangements to get to Managua tomorrow. For the evening we decided in honour of our last night alone together we would go on a date. To keep on trend and be incredibly romantic Pawel decided that we should rent stand-up paddle boards and catch the sunset from the bays edge. Once we were a ways out on the water we sat down and watched as the sun slowly fell to the horizon. While we were there a few five foot swells came and rocked our boards to say the least. It was fun, but it also drew to our attention the increasing current and wind. Just before the sun set we headed in towards to shore. It was hard to paddle our way back against the current, and my arms felt like they were going to fall off. At this time in the height of all the wind and drama, I started to worry about sharks. Which a local told me from his boat wasn’t anything to worry about, he only sees them occasionally. Tired and sore we made is back to shore in one piece and continued on our way to dinner.

We sat on the beach with the waves crashing and reminisced about the unforgettable summer we had. Its really unbelievable to think of everything we have done. We’ve had so many ups that the few downs we experienced seemed like nothing in retrospect. We both agreed that we’ve discovered an appreciation and contentedness we didn’t know was possible. After all that paddling and a few Toñas we are ready to catch some zzz’s.






















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