Pura Vida

Today was another lovely day in Costa Rica. Lately we have been making simple but delicious breakfasts that consist of fresh fruits, yogurt and granola drizzled with honey. A perfect meal to get you going for a day of surfing. We grabbed our things and headed down to our board shops of choice. After a new coat of wax and a quick check over, our weapons were ready to slash some waves. The great thing about Tamarindo is that the break is fairly consistent across the whole beach – which means the waves are about the same size and length. So you don’t have to wander far to find the perfect spot. We dropped our stuff on the beach, caked our faces in sunscreen, strapped on our leashes and headed out to conquer some waves.

As I watched Carling paddle for her first wave and catch it with ease, I was really impressed with how much we have progressed. Our first week by ourselves we were struggling with timing and catching waves. Now we know exactly where to be, if we are to close, or too far out and how fast we need to paddle to catch a wave. It’s makes the sport a lot more fun. But we still struggle to last more than a couple hours. After not being able to paddle anymore we returned our boards and on the way back to our hotel we grabbed some market fresh veggies from the back of a pickup truck to make some delicious vegetable tacos. Since we have been in Costa Rica, we have discovered the most amazing hot sauce. It’s called “Iguana XXX”, it’s pretty damn hot and delicious. I have been putting that s**t on everything.

Tomorrow we will be returning to Nicaragua. It will be sad to leave here, but it will be nice to see some familiar faces again. Adios.









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