Yesterday morning was bitter sweet. We said goodbye to Michael and Andrea in Mal Pais and as we drove off we all waved goodbye to some great new friends. The rest of the Casa Zen crew, Devon, Randy, Heather, Pawel and I took off on a wee road trip North.

The night before Devon and Randy graciously offered us a ride to Puntarenas, on their way to La Fortuna. The plan was to go to Jaco, just across the peninsula to surf, but that idea quickly dissolved as we dreamed of the greener pastures in Tamarindo. The surfing was so impossible in Mal Pais, how could we really know if it would be any better in Jaco? We couldn’t. And that’s precisely why we decided to return to our beloved Tamagringo. Which by the way is true, but I would argue there are no more gringos here than anywhere else in Costa Rica we’ve been, including Mal Pais.

The drive was annoyingly easy, and I say this because of how difficult our original attempt was. Most of the drive was on the highway except for a small portion between Paquera and Playa Naranjo. Randy ruled the roads like a pro, and as a result we were all flying out of our seats. It took about 4 hours to get to Santa Cruz which is where we said a sad goodbye to two more members of the Casa Zen familia. Heather, Pawel and I opted to split a taxi the remaining 36 km to Tamarindo. It cost roughly $10.00 per person but it saved us three hours of waiting/bussing.

Again we found ourselves in our exact same room and within minutes of arriving we were floating in a familiar pool. The evening was really low key but we did manage to make it out to a new restaurant called Green Papaya. The Mahi Mahi taco was amazing but the ginger-lemonade was a close second. To top it off the lady who runs the joint is lovely, she just exudes happiness in the best way possible. The evening ended with a steep hike back to Kurt’s with a boat load of groceries, luckily for me my man is a gentleman and loves to carry the heavy stuff!

High tide was at 10:30 am this morning which meant we were up bright and early for some fun in the sun. Today was notably our best day yet, we could actually call ourselves surfers. The waves were prime time and with a bit of a tip from observing Heather’s paddling I was hitting almost every wave I chose! We’ve kind of settled into a routine that we fondly named after Jersey Shore’s GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry), we call it BSS (Beach, Surf, Smoothies). Solely because that’s how we throw it down here in Tamarindo.














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