The Things We Think

When we left, I realized that I needed to take a step back from design. It was unclear to me how exactly design would fit into my future. Something we have discovered since we first set out from the comfort and routine of our lives in the North is a new found sense of creativity. I had heard that traveling is good for the creative soul, but no where along the lines did I know how transformative this time would be. I cannot tell you how many projects we’ve brainstormed and ideas we’ve landed on. We spend hours at a time branding a concept through conversation and pictures drawn in the sand.

You would think that this beach thing is getting old. But there is something about water and something about mountains. The thing is that staring into the waves and digging your feet into warm white sand that spills from between your toes really is bliss, but it’s totally meditative too. We didn’t think we needed time to relax, we’ve been on vacation for almost three months. But it’s this slowing down of mind and body that has given us time to reflect.

It’s only now that everything we’ve experienced and seen is settling in. Maybe it’s because we can feel the end now, that we’ve given ourselves license to look back and remember everything that happened. But the result has been creativity overload and an eagerness to just do something amazing and game changing. This may sound unbelievable but we are actually looking forward to getting home and getting to work. The next few months are going to be filled with some of the exciting ideas we’ve dreamt up. Who knows it might even involve a little grant writing.

Our day of meditation, turned into an evening of incredible conversation with equally amazing people. We sat around the fire for hours discussing everything from vegans to AA. One of the stand out moments was when Pawel bit into his camp fire cooked hot dog. “Dude, these hot dogs are weird…the skin is like…hard.” Thats because it turns out that inside your pack of dogs, is twelve individually wrapped hot dogs. That hard skin was the plastic coating. The highlight was when he shrugged it off, took out a knife, cut off the plastic and finished the deed.







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