Mal Pais & Santa Teresa

It turns out that it isn’t really surfing season for this section of the Pacific, so we’ve spent the last two days hanging on the beach. After Pawel got over his mild disappointment and we switched a few plans to include another surfing town, we were happy to settle into the peace and quiet that Santa Teresa offers.

I welcomed the break because it seems I’ve developed a debilitating pain in my wrist and hand. In the meantime Pawel is stepping in to cut my food, open bottles and clean dishes. We narrowed it down to the likeness of holding a book in one hand for a week straight – I knew the numbness in my forearms wasn’t quite normal. But here’s hoping this moves on as quickly as it came.

Yesterday we set out from our hostel in search of the downtown/main strip. No one had given us the impression that we’d fine one nor had we asked. It wasn’t long before we realized that this was it. One street shared by four small neighbouring towns/beaches that stretches about six kilometers along the coastline. Mal Pais, Playa Carmen, Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa (South to North). We opted to walk along the beach back to the path that led us to Casa Zen. We walked for a total of two hours round trip. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery, of the what seemed to be abandoned beaches, so much so that we missed our exit.

The sun set here was even more beautiful that in Tamarindo. The beach is lined with huge rock formations that jut out into the sea and add to the ever changing skyline. As we sat there, in front of the driftwood and bamboo fire we had made, and watched the sunset it felt like we were living out a scene from a movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes to mind). Seriously, beach fires are really as cool as Hollywood makes them look.

Oh and Dad that’s the dog I’m bringing home for you. She’s a real sweetheart. I named her Dobby after your favourite movie series, Harry Potter.










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