Long Way Down

Our morning started at 4:45 am with the horrendously frightening hoots and howls of monkeys. The short path we had become accustom to walking became a bit of a nightmare this morning. As we neared the top of the jungle path we could hear aggressive grunting and heavy breathing coming from what we thought was the bottom. Despite the warning we carefully tip toed down because there was no way we were missing our bus and not making it to Mal Pais again. As we walked the sound seemed to distance itself, it seemed much further ahead than before. Pawel realized very quickly it was ‘just’ a monkey and we pressed on. It must be said that in the confusion of the morning and after watching Godzilla the night before, my mind may have wandered and exaggerated the danger of these sounds a wee bit.

In total we took four buses and one ferry to get to Mal Pais. We caught our first bus at 5:30 am and got off the last around 6:00 pm. Folks, it was a long day. The most interesting thing that happened was in our sleepy haze we left a restaurant without paying. It wasn’t until we were situated on the ferry that Pawel clued into our crime and rushed back to pay.

We have landed ourselves at Casa Zen for the evening. The hostel has a great ambiance, great people and is a two minute walk to the waves. An added bonus would be the wood fire restaurant across the street with the best BBQ pizza, margaritas and mojitos in Central America!










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