Point Break

Just after noon we hit the beach for another lesson with Kurt. As we unloaded the boards we were thinking it might be a bit of a slow day, we would be waiting on tidal push. But as soon as we got out in the water some serious waves rolled in.

The major part of this lesson was to learn to feel the push of the wave. As soon as you feel the push, that’s your indicator to pop-up and drop in. Kurt’s optimism honestly kept me going the entire class. This time was so much more physically demanding because we were doing so much more paddling. Progress was good and we were having a blast. Pawel braved a new board, a bit shorter and a bit wider than the green board we failed so miserably on. With a little guidance from Kurt he was killing it! Every wave he took, he rode and by the end of the class we were both spent.

Sadly we are leaving Tamarindo tomorrow, heading south for a new adventure in Mal Pais. We’ve had such a great time here, it has been the fastest week of our whole trip. Anyone coming to Tamarindo looking to learn to surf or a place to stay should meet this man. He is an incredible teacher, with real experience and an all around super dude. Tamarindo Surf Hotel is budget savvy and an awesome place to stay. His family lives right on the property so anything you need they are happy to help, he’ll even call to order you take out.

Now, we are going to feast on a delicious italian meal we’ve throw together and maybe watch a Spanish movie. It will be an early night as we can already feel the muscle aches that tomorrow brings.















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