Fun in the Sun

As suspected waking up this morning was rough. We were battered and bruised, our bones were sore and muscles tender. Despite the pain we forced ourselves out of bed and made breakfast – well Pawel did, I followed shortly after.

We were determined to make the best of the day because the sun way shining and we hadn’t see these clear of sky’s since Belize. This is probably the only downfall of traveling during the rainy season, but really totally worth it. In this heat, overcast sky’s are often more manageable than full sun. We casually strolled down to the beach, and along the way we picked up a Paddle Ball set and a sarong. I was so happy to finally be getting one, as I’ve been searching for one since my Honduras trip in February.

The water was perfect, and we played like kids. This seriously is not getting old, every wave sends a childish cackle deep from inside my stomach. I seriously can’t help how much fun they are. Unfortunately on the way down to the beach I discovered a very painful, very uncomfortable gash in between my toes. I vaguely remember stepping very hard on a seashell yesterday but was having too much fun to notice. This cut was now wide open and the salt water was not making it feel any better. Pawel watched the surfers intently, and studied the waves to try to better understand how to attack them tomorrow. We decided after about an hour or so to grab some lunch and head back to the pool so we could play paddle ball. Afternoon smoothies are nearly essential, they are packed with fresh fruits and vitamins and ice cold. Playing paddle ball in a 6 foot wide pool, designed perfectly for sitting or swimming laps proved to be very difficult. But we got a few good rallies going and decided to end on a high note.

This evening we walked back down to the beach to enjoy our first sunset of the trip. Sitting on the beach, with the slightly cool ocean breeze blowing by, and watching the vibrant pastel colours in the sky evolve and dance around is amazing. Everyone seemed to have the same idea, but somehow it didn’t feel crowded, it was very peaceful. People biked by, while others sat down and popped open a beer, but everyone came to watch the sunset. Sitting there it really dawned on us how quickly our time is coming to an end. It was a sort of bitter sweet symphony sitting, wishing it wasn’t ending but also really looking forward to seeing our family and friends again.
















3 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. What a cute couple you two are. Pawel is looking fit and thinner than when he left. Carling you are so pretty … Especially in that last phone. It’s an awesome picture. Oh yeah……I love the bathing suit you bought. It’s really nice. Miss you, 24 more sleeps. xo

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