Hola Costa Rica

Today we got up early, enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and grabbed the first chicken bus to Rivas. We didn’t have a lot of distance to cover but chicken buses have a lot of stops and there is a lot of waiting around in between buses. We arrived at Peñas Blanca’s (the border) about an hour later and hopped off the bus. Everyone was really friendly and was glad to help us find our way to emigration. Everything went smoothly this time and we were off on our 1 km walk to Costa Rica.

When we arrived at the Costa Rica immigration office there was about 150 people in the queue and only two immigration officers were working. After about one hour of waiting we were good to go. Just a note for anyone traveling to Costa Rica – make sure you have your departure tickets with you or have a departure ticket purchased because you cannot enter the country without having proof of destination. After two more bus rides and five hours later we arrived in Playa Tamarindo. One of Costa Rica’s best surf destinations.

We were a little worried at first because we did not any reservations and we heard that it is hard to find a place here. As we were walking down the street we were approached by a gentleman named Kurt who offered us a fully loaded studio apartment for $30/night, which was cheaper than some of the hostels we checked out. When we arrived we were blown away by how nice this place was. The pool is literally two steps from our balcony and we are only a 5 minute walk from the center of town. We also learned that Kurt is a very experienced surfer (35 years) and that he works for a local surf shop giving private lessons. So tomorrow we are going to be shredding some waves in the morning sun! Wish us luck.


4 thoughts on “Hola Costa Rica

  1. SO awesome you guys found such a sweet place to stay! I can’t wait to see some pics from Costa Rica

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