Playa Coco

About 15km down the coast from San Juan is a high recommended beach, Playa Coco. Shortly after our free breakfast and after we found a hostel to spend the night in, we set off for the beach.

The beginning half of the drive was easy, until at about halfway the brand new interlocking brick road turned into crumbling dirt and ditches. We trudged on slowly but surely taking our time to make sure we didn’t pop a tire. However, somehow once we arrived in Playa Coco, we had a tear in the tire, and air was leaking fast. All that precaution was for nothing.

Luckily for us up the street from the truck was a Pulperia with garage attached to it. Unfortunately once Mario and Pawel wheeled the tire down the street, all they had was an air compressor. From there they filled the tire with air to determine where the leak was and it was evident that we needed a new tire or a new inner tube. Just when we thought the boys were going to have to hitch a ride back into San Juan, the incredibly kind shop keeper came out and offered to do the run for them. Problem solved, now we just had to kill three hours at the beach while we awaited his return. Hoping all the while that he actually would return.

Playa Coco is beautiful and huge and we had it all to ourselves – not such a hotspot on a work day.
We took advantage of all the activities that the restaurant had to offer – soccer, volley ball and a pool. But best of all was the body board rentals. The breaks at this beach were significantly larger than in Playa Madera – reaching about 3 meters at the highest points. With three boards and four people you can have a ridiculous amount of fun. We spent over an hour riding these crazy waves and bailing hard into the water when the crash came down. At times I hit waves that sent me flying more than 50 meters at speeds that felt near to 30 km/hour. As the tide started to come in the intensity of the waves increased and we head for the shore. We had just enough time to dry off before our man was back with the repaired tire.

Mario left us at our hostel and we said our goodbyes. He is betting that we are back within a week because Costa Rica is so expensive, we are of course betting against this. Priority number one of the evening was to eat because we hadn’t since breakfast, and priority two was to find me a new bathing suit before the pacific claimed my bottoms for itself. You really do need a bathing suit made for high impact if you want to leave the water with both bottoms and top intact.

We messed up a bit and ended up wandering around town looking at things. Pawel watched the guys on the beach play volley ball while I found a bikini, and a pretty rad one too! This one will be staying on for sure. On our way back towards the hostel and on our way to the taco stand we passed a local barber shop, owned by an America surfer couple. Pawel hopped in the seat and in a snap he was looking like his old self. Afterwards, both of us feeling fresh to death, we chowed down on some delicious tacos from Taco Stop. The fish taco was the best, as they usually are. We have an early morning tomorrow as we are heading to Costa Rica, we haven’t decided exactly where yet, but I think our compass points to Peninsula de Nicoya.












3 thoughts on “Playa Coco

  1. nice place eh!!! love the pics, Pawel and Mario …hahaha, what a pair.. always been, love that you guys are having so much fun, good luck in Costa Rica

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