San Juan del Sur

Around mediadia (noon) we rolled up to the bay of San Juan del Sur. Our first order of business was to satisfy everyone’s raging hunger and dig into some pacific surf and turf. For what turned out to be our most expensive meal to date, we were not at all pleased with our food. We joked about how, because we are gringos we were getting snubbed. All the Nica’s at our table loved their dishes and we loved the large portions that they shared!

Once everyone was too stuffed to move, or be seen in a bathing suit, we drove up to the statue of San Juan (Saint John) that overlooks the bay. The drive up was interesting as the truck was raging on high heat, and the incline was running at about 70 degrees. Somehow, I’m not sure how, we made it and walked the final flight of steep stone stairs to the top. As soon as we hit the last step, the clouds parted and the sun was out – making the already incredible view all the better. From the shore San Juan wasn’t anything special, but from the vantage point of the cliff side statue it was evident why Nica’s and tourists alike are crazy about this place.

Next we headed another few minutes up the coast to Playa Madera. This is a world famous surfing destination. We are told Steve-O and Paul Walker have been seen surfing here. Once we arrived at the shore it was obvious why this place is so popular. The waves were amazing, rolling left and right and breaking to create perfect tunnels for the more practiced surfer folk. We didn’t make it onto a board today, but we did a little happy dance as this is the type of place we have been waiting for! We are so excited to get into the water and onto the waves.

At this point we parted ways with Gabriel and his Mother and headed back towards San Juan. Now the daunting task of finding a hotel that would satisfy both couples very different criteria. After a few stops we ended up settling for a private mountain side Villa with an ocean view at Pelican Eye Resort. This place is swank, two stories, two bedrooms and the fancy shower heads that make it feel like warm summer rain. Mario says “This is how we do it in my country!”












3 thoughts on “San Juan del Sur

  1. I love that Saint John says ‘Jesus in you trust’ while flashing a peace sign … The best!

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