Laguna de Apoyo

So after three days of torrential downpours that lasted all day long and me suffering from what I thought was Dengue Fever we finally decided to just get out no matter what the weather.

The morning weather was no different from what we had been experiencing for the last couple days – cloudy, with light rain. We didn’t care, we packed our towels and bathing suits and headed for the San Juan de Sul. On the way out the rain picked up – a lot – so after some democratic voting we came to the conclusion to go to the nearby lagoon instead of driving 2 hours to a popular beach.

When we arrived at Laguna de Apoyo, we were pleasantly surprised. It is a small body of water residing in a crater of a former volcano. The water is surrounded by magnificent views of foggy hills and the water is bath water warm. Which blew our minds because it had been raining for three days and it had been raining all day.

We spent most of the time fooling about in the water, diving off the floating dock and laying around in inner tubes. All the while the rain never subsided. This just goes to show that if you are around good friends you can make any situation awesome. After a couple hours we grabbed some lunch and headed back home.

Burned out from all the swimming everyone just crashed when we arrived back home. Then when we awoke from our slumber we spent the rest of the evening laughing our butts off at stand up comedians.










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