Circo Hnos Suarez y MAC RT

As we spend time relaxing with friends in Managua, it has become a challenge to update our blog each day – we apologize. In the last few days our lives have been pretty routine. In the morning while our hosts are at work we hang out by the pool, read books, eat delicious fruit off the low hanging branches and play with the dogs. In Carling’s case she spent the last two days watching the whole first season of Game of Thrones. I am only a quarter of the way through the first book, so I had to stop watching after three episodes. It is awesome to see how they portrayed the book into film, but the books are filled with much more detail to the story and so I find them to be more enjoyable.

After everyone returned home, we decided it would be fun to be kids again and go to the traveling circus – Circo Hnhos Suarez. They are a circus group from Mexico that has been traveling around for many years. They are a pretty small group of 10 different acts. We arrived early before the show started so that we didn’t miss out on tickets and that we could get good seats. What we forgot was that it was a Tuesday night and only one quarter of the tickets were actually sold, leaving the tent pretty empty.

The opening act was a cute little dog show, and some of the dogs decided not to jump through the little doors but rather just go around them. But the act finished with an amazing feat of a schnauzer and a jack Russell climbing up a 20 ft tall vertical ladder and jumping from the top onto a small mat that had some dogs treats on it. What a dog will do for treats. The rest of the circus was filled with acrobats, horses, ponies, tigers, archers, jugglers, clowns and more acrobats. Carling was pretty stressed about how dangerous some of the acts were. For example an acrobat was skipping rope on top of a spinning wheel that was 40 ft in the air and when he tried to do a double under he tripped on the rope and everyone in the crowd gasped but luckily he was able to recover. Blind, behind your back bow and arrow tricks at live models with apple on their head are stressful for everyone, but somehow the performers manage to pull it off. The end of the show was topped of with the option to sit, touch and get a photo with a live white tiger.

The next day I woke up early and accompanied Mario to see where how he runs his days at MAC RT. He drove me around a couple of various crops and explained how each of them grow and what they have to do to them each week. I was pretty impressed with how knowledgeable he had become with the agriculture industry. After he showed me all the tractors and other various equipment they use. Like all men would agree walking around and looking at all the complex machinery was the best part. Also hanging around in the shade and telling jokes was fun too.

As we were lounging in the hammocks (tough work) one worker showed up with a nicely sized lizard in his hand. After closer inspection I realized that it was an iguana. The locals call it Garrobo. Local farmers and some Nicaraguans actually really like the taste of this small lizard and say that it tastes “better than chicken.” We will let you know we think after we try it. Bon appetit!













One thought on “Circo Hnos Suarez y MAC RT

  1. Es un garrobo, Iguana it’s green that it’s the differents, by the way who is cooking the delicious meal? Mario? Let us know what do you think of it, I love it!!

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