Masaya Volcano

Monday morning we woke up and had a bowl of cereal with sliced bananas and a ginger-lemon tea with a touch of honey. Neither of us really even eat cereal at home but for some reason it has been on the top of our cravings list. It felt lovely to eat something that wasn’t heavy with corn, flour, lard or meats. Though it did not satisfy our hunger for long.

In the afternoon we visited the nearby Volcano Masaya with Mario and Cri. This was our second time at the summit of a volcano but this time was vastly different than San Pedro. Firstly the volcano is only about 500 meters in elevation and we drove to the summit – winning volcano two points in my books. Being that Masaya is still active you can only spend 5 – 10 minutes at the top due to the heavy smoke and gases that plume from the crater. Armed with our hard hats – incase of flying rocks – and cameras we hopped out and peaked over the edge. Unfortunately because of the heavy amount of smoke we could not see the bottom, however the experience was still really exciting. We had never been so close to the opening. After our five minutes were up we packed back into the truck and rolled down the mountain.

A few miles up the road we stopped at Mario’s cousin’s restaurant Bucaneros. The view here is amazing, it over looks the Laguana de Masaya and offers a prime view of the volcano itself. We started with ceviche camorones which is a salsa made from shrimp, onion, tomatoes, soaked in lime juices and eaten on a cracker. This was delicious but quickly trumped by the seafood plater that we ordered for the table. They served everything from fried shrimp to tilapia and steamed oysters smothered in creamy sauces and it was all delicious. I think we will try to go back here on a weekend to see what the night time ambiance has to offer!










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