Yesterday felt like we were back home enjoying a regular Saturday afternoon. Firstly, we truly slept in for the first time on the entire trip. We managed to stay in bed until 9:30 am probably because the room is so wonderfully dark when you draw the curtains.

The day had a slow start, we began on rocking chairs on the back patio. Mario pled a pretty convincing case for all the reason we should move to Nicaragua, and why it would be better than BC. He may have won us over, we have three weeks to decide.

We eventually got groceries at the best supermarket we have been to thus far. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to buy foods that we can prepare ourselves. This will go s long way in our efforts to cut costs until the end of the trip. Around noon, Mario whipped up a traditional Nica breakfast, corn tortillas, salsa, eggs, crema and gallo pinto (fried beans and rice). The rest of the afternoon we spent poolside and pool in.

For the evening it was a toss up between the traveling circus or the VIP movie theater with dinner to follow. Christiana, Mario’s lady, stopped by to pick us up because the truck here is out of commission until Monday. No one really works on weekends, aside from retail, as their weekends are highly valued and highly respected. We opted for World War Z because it was in English, and the first movie playing as we walked into the theater. The theater was hilarious, every seat was a big leather recliner with ample leg and arm space. To top it off there was a menu and drink service, so some of us enjoyed a beer. I on the other hand dug myself into the chair and covered my ears, those zombies are seriously some of the scariest I’ve seen!

To finish off our typical Saturday night out with friends, we sat down for wings and beer and spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing. Today we are headed to a town called Masaya, Christiana has a Piñata to attend and were going to check out the downtown. Details to follow, we are still trying to figure out what a Piñata is.








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