Ultima Dia en Honduras

As we left D&D Brewery at dawn this morning we ran into what seemed like the entire hostel heading out to bird watch on Lake Yojoa. The night before one of the original hippies straight from the sixties invited us to partake but regretfully we had to decline. Our budget ran out incredibly quickly and we had a bus to catch to Teguz.

D&D was a great experience don’t get me wrong, but much to expensive – this was the most amount of money we have spent in on place in such a short amount of time. The craft domestic beer is worth the price (40 L/$2.00) but the food is way over priced. The comedor down the street serves larger and arguably better food for a much lower cost. The atmosphere redeems the fact that the rooms are over run by microscopic ants that invade your pack because you have no choice but to leave if on the floor for lack of shelf, table or counter space. Best of all our bathroom did not have a door, with the toilet in plain sight of the bed. Aside from all that, the owner Bobby is so welcoming and passionate about his business, his staff always seemed happy to be there and the atmosphere is really excellent. It is definitely worth a visit but we’d recommend bringing some of your own snacks or maybe venturing off the property for meals or your budget will dry up fast!

We waited for the bus for only a few minutes before a decked out coach bus with the most comfortable seats rolled up – we were set to sleep for the rest of the ride. Wrong, twenty minutes down the road we pulled over and after half an hour a “first class” chicken bus arrived. We embraced the seat over the wheel – it was the only one left and made the best of the situation. The bus ride went much faster on the way back, possibly because we knew how long we were expecting it to take, whereas on the way we had no idea how far it was. Pawel slept and while I took the opportunity to dig back into A Clash of Kings – loving it and almost half way through!

Once in Teguz we were straight to the business of finding a hotel. After being turned away by Guatloupe we walked twenty minutes across the city to Granada for a room. Next was bus tickets and baleadas, which was our last meal with Jorge. The gents were a bit disappointed by my custom creation was delicious. We spent a bit of time in Sears looking for the elusive Abs Crunch machine Jorge so desperately wants – with out any luck.

The entire day Jorge had been running around helping us with everything we needed to get to Managua, the man is truly amazing. We said good bye to Jorge at the entrance to the mall, it was a great week but he needed to get back to the puppies in Cedros. The rest of the afternoon we wandered the mall waiting to see Superman at 6 pm. Around 3 pm we decided we would see Monsters University instead. We had been told that Hollywood movies play in English with Spanish subtitles, so we assumed that this would be the same for MU. Well you know what they say about assumptions. We were sadly mistaken, the movie was intact in Spanish whiched turned out to be fun. It was really interesting for us to comprehend the movie with limited understanding of the language. We realized after that the target audience for this specific movie was children, likely with a limited ability to read subtitles in Spanish at such a rapid pace.

We dined at TGI Fridays in the mall as it was made pretty clear that we probably should only take the cabs that the mall offers and maybe not to be out after dark. We will be calling it a night almost immediately as we have to be ready in the lobby for our 3:30 am cab to the Trans Nica bus terminal. See you tomorrow Manauga!

4 thoughts on “Ultima Dia en Honduras

  1. In ManaaguA? Hope you guys come and visit Mario will be glad to see you Pawel, make sure to call , if you forgot the number e-mail me and I will give to you

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