Waterfalls, Rivers & Rocks

Breakfast is easily becoming our choice meal of the day. Firstly it is usually the best bang for you buck, being both the largest and cheapest meal. Secondly, breakfast is always delicious and fresh. Most foods tend to be fried down here, they try to fry everything, but one thing that cannot be fried is a plato frutas (fruit plate). My pancakes this morning were more blueberry than anything, and topped with local honey. Carling’s fruit plate, aside from the papaya, was amazing. I cannot communicate how much richer and sweeter the fruit tastes here.

Shortly after breakfast we caught a taxi to Pulhapanzak Falls. When we walked in there was no attendant at the front gates and we literally had to ask one of the workers if we could pay for the entrance. It’s almost a running theme in some of the places we have visited. The waterfalls were just a short walk from the entrance and soon we were covered by an everlasting mist, as a result of the plummeting water smashing in the rocks beneath. We felt a small sense of nostalgia from all the times we have been to Niagara Falls with family and friends – Maid of the Mist represent. We stopped, took some quick photos and continued on to the bottom of the falls. This was just another lookout point, except that you were being soaked by the now heavy mist. Much like all waterfalls, you can only spend so much time starring at the water falling over the edge, so we were back on our way. We hung out and chatted for a bit near the top of the waterfall while we waited for our taxi to arrive.

On our way back into town, Jorge and our new friend Chris, of Adentures with Pedro, ordered a gigantic plate of fresh tilapia, plantains, rice, beans, and a cabbage salad for lunch. We were not that hungry until we saw their food! After lunch we made our way to the local swim spot – a fresh flowing river with a killer current. This whole trip I have wanted to just jump of some rocks into nice fresh water and now I finally had the opportunity to do it. Maybe it was the Canadian in me but I didn’t really care. We found a nice little spot with various ledge heights. After I did a test jump to make sure everything was safe, I was diving in head first in no time. It was quite satisfying. After a couple dives I had my fill, no one else really wanted to join in on the fun so we packed up and walked back to the hostel.

The rest of the day we just sat around the hostel exchanging photos, stories and walking around the lush gardens that make up most of the hostel. We’re taking it easy tonight, because tomorrow will be another early morning to try and catch a bus back to Teguz. These 5:00 am wake ups rock – at least there are no roosters.















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