Lago de Yojoa

Our journey to Lago de Yojoa and D&D Brewery took us a total of six hours. We were anticipating three hours, but forgot to factor in the Honduran time equation. The buses were packed as usual and stopped every so often to let more passengers on the already full bus.

When we got off the bus we were a bit confused as we were left on the side of a dirt road with no lake in sight. But Jorge led us down the road and around the bend to the front of the D&D Brewery. From the on set we were surprised by the beauty, this place is really a diamond in the rough with pretty much nothing else around.

After a much needed lunch we took our time catching up on some emails and chatting with a gent named, Joe from San Fran. In the latter half of the afternoon we walked to the river about a kilometer from our hostel to go for a quick swim. For a moment we forgot we were in Central America, this place reminds us a lot of friends cottages and places all over Canada. We didn’t stay long because as soon as we were forced to swim against the current we realized how tired we were from our 4:00am wake up.

This evening we are going to eat good food and sample some of the fine beers on the menu. Thus far Apricot, Raspberry and Pale Ale are lovely. Tomorrow we are taking a short bus ride and will be swimming in a waterfall by lunch time!









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