Painting in Lajitas

Jorge has this rooster in his back yard, and it’s super loud. We know he starts at 5:00 am so when we have to get up early we don’t even set an alarm clock.

This morning was an early one, we were out the door by 7:30 am and on our way to Lajitas. Back in April, a volunteer group sent by Students Offering Support (SOS) spent two weeks building a computer lab at the ——- school in the Lajitas community. As it currently stands, it just needs some paint, a door, a window and some wiring. We took care of painting the interior.

We only had left over paint from previous rooms, and we were unsure how much each colour would cover. The first wall we tackled was a combination of blue and green. It was at this point we realized we didn’t have enough paint to finish another wall. But as things usually do, an entire bucket of white paint showed up out of no where. Working with old paint is painstaking, it takes time to pick all the chunks and dried bits off your roller, and as it turns out extremely messy.

Around noon we were surprised with a home cooked lunch from some of the ladies in the community. They made us rice, potato salad and chicken with a jug of orange juice and a stack of corn tortillas. Unfortunately we didn’t find the corn tortillas until we had stuffed ourselves with everything on our plates. Jorge suffered some serious after lunch blues, and he huffed and puffed and moaned about being so stuffed he felt like he was going to burst. We felt bad for the guy but his commentary was still funny.

We managed to slap two coats of paint on and finish the entire room in just over five hours. The day was extremely successful and the room looks great. At the end of the school day all the little girls in the classrooms came out with hand made notes and drawings to give to us. They were adorable!

The rest of the evening we napped and read and watched soccer. Well actually, I threw together a pretty excellent dinner of avocado salsa, cheese enchiladas, corn and rice while the gentlemen enjoyed the Honduras/Haiti game. Tomorrow we are heading off to some lake neither of us came pronounce or spell. We’ll be staying at a brewery/hostel on the lake for a couple nights before we depart for Managua!












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