Sunday was like any typical Sunday back home. It started slow with a Skype call to the old homestead in Waterloo – i like to see Watson once a week. Our plans were to pick up a fresh shirt at the mall and catch the new Superman movie. Once at the mall we realized that we were an hour or more early – the stores all open at different times, between 10:00 am and noon.

One of the only restaurants open was Dunkin Donuts which was okay with us. I actually managed to have a multigrain bagel which was very exciting as most bread products here are as white as they come. It turned out that Superman was only showing once, and not until later in the evening. This actually worked out fine because in retrospect if we would have gone to the movie we wouldn’t have made it home until 8 pm.

Once we finished shirt shopping we sat in another coffee shop waiting for the book store to open – I needed to get “A Clash of Kings”. We wrote a few emails and showed Jorge funny videos of goats screaming. His laugh had us all laughing. Next was the super market and price mart adventure, both of which took unreasonably long because we were in awe of everything surrounding us. Even supermarkets are a rare treat to us now. An hour in the making, we had all the ingredients for homemade pizza, dog food (canned and dried) and a wholesale jar of Nutella.

The ride back to Cedros took about two hours between the taxi, waiting at the bus stop and the chicken bus. The time seems to fly more in Honduras than elsewhere so it never feels like you’re in transit as long as you are. Back at home in Cedros we made pizza in the neighbors oven and watched soccer. Oh and Mickey, Jorge’s cat, brought Pawel a huge grasshopper gift.





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