We Took the La-Z-Boy to Teguz

Our wonderful experience at El Cisne was followed by an entire day of rain. The weather seemingly ruined our plans of visiting the Copán ruins. However, we took this time to fit in some laundry and unfortunately Pawel, he experienced his first bout of travelers sickness. So perfectly timed.

So confined to our hostel, I read three quarters of the first book of Game of Thrown. Thanks to my sister, Ashley for insisting I take it – I cannot put the book down. Which presents me with a problem, where in a Spanish speaking continent will I ever find the second book!

The following morning we woke up early to make it to the ruins, eat breakfast and pack up before heading to the bus terminal. We decided to walk to the ruins and didn’t make it there until about 8:30 am putting quite a bit of a rush in the morning. The first thing we noticed was how impeccably perfect the grounds are kept. They could seriously consider making the courtyard a putting green!
Unlike Tikal, the Copán ruins are much more open and centralized. They seemed to look quite a bit newer, and better preserved. Potentially because, Jesse told us, back in the day you could climb anything you wanted at Tikal, and even camp out in Temple IV. Due to the lack of time we opted not to hire a guide. Which we soon found that unless you have someone to enrich you with all the history behind the structures, you really do miss a lot. We spent about an hour wandering around, taking various pictures and observing the many macaws.

We had a huge breakfast in preparation for our eight our bus ride – a large plate of fruit, nutella and toast. We arrived at the bus station and boarded just before 11:00 am. This is about the point we started laughing, and hard. Early in the week we were presented with the option of upgrading to first class for an additional $7.00 USD and took it. What had not realized was how luxurious this ride was going to be. The seats were full blown lazy-boy recliners with leg rests, and came with a blanket and pillow. To top it off we were served a paper bag lunch of cookies and a sandwich, along with a fresh beverage. We had a quick transfer in San Pedro Sula and were in Tegucigalpa by 7:00 pm. The ride felt incredibly quick because we were so relaxed and comfortable for the entire time.

We were greeted by a familiar and friendly face – Jorge! Quickly we rounded up our bags and jumped in a taxi to try to make the last bus to Talanga. This is a small town about half an hour from Cedros – our final destination. Fortunately we made it and were on the bus in good time. On the way there we were stopped by armed officers who instructed all the males to exit the bus. Everyone was IDed and thoroughly looked over. This was our first experience with anything of this nature, but Jorge told us it is a safety precaution.

When we arrived in Talanga we were greeted by Hector, Jorge’s friend who was going to take us the rest of the way. In true Central American style, I road up front and gentlemen road in the back – of a pick up truck. We finally arrived at our destination a mere 12 hours later. It ended up being suck a long day that we decided to hit the hay and hit the ground running in the morning.












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