Hola Honduras!

Following roughly four hours of sleep we woke with the birds and headed to the street to wait for our 4:00am shuttle to Copán, Honduras. In typical Guatemalan style, our driver arrived fashionably late. To our surprise we were the first of 13 other travelers to board the shuttle, meaning we had first dibs on the best spots. Now comfortable in our seats we drove around the city between various hostels and hotel picking up the remaining travelers. Roughly an hour later we were finally on the road to Honduras.

Sleep came to us quickly and so did the heat of the changing climate. Waking up sweating and restless we still had another five hours ahead of us. Unlike our original driver, this man took his sweet time on the road, stopping to pick up friends and packages along the way. The five hour ride very quickly turned into a seven hour journey. Admittedly the time flew for me, as I have no problem sleeping absolutely anywhere in a moving vehicle of any kind. Pawel on the other hand was stiff necked, cramped and sweaty within the first hour.

Finally we arrived at the boarder. My new plan of killing the guards with kindness worked, speaking broken Spanish and smiling ear to ear, they stamped our passports without even looking at Pawel’s.
The Honduras boarder was a little stricter and they passed us through making as little conversation as humanly possible. I do sympathize though, their job must get boring at times and seeing so many happy people pass through to continue on traveling to exotic places must get old real quick.

Originally we had thought that Copán was another hour from the border, but it was actually only ten minutes, and our hostel – Viavia – was across the street from where they let us all off. When we checked in we were greeted by the hostel’s two house dogs and were warned that the club next door has little regard for noise laws and that it can get loud at night. We figured after the day we have had, this wasn’t going to a problem. After having a delicious lunch, we spent the rest of the day reading and resting with a mild bit of exploring in the afternoon.

This evening we were approached by a gentleman by the name of Jesse, originally of Vancouver and now of Grand Cayman. We spent the rest of the evening sharing travel stories and discussing everything from the price of milk to the cost of a mortgage. Jesse (if you’re reading this sorry for the spelling if it’s wrong!) gave us a heads up about a horse backing riding, hot springs, coffee plantation extravaganza that a local man by the name of Carlos offers. We will definitely be checking out this overnight full day excursion later in the week before we depart for Cedros.

Halfway through dinner, one of our fellow travelers from the shuttle joined us. A fast talking Venezuelan chica, with tons of travel advice and a love for Mayan ruins, architecture and beaches. As the music pumped up, we closed the bill and retreated back to our room for the night. The music is surprisingly relaxing, it’s nice to hear something again as we have been relatively music free since leaving Canada.

If you need us we’ll be slow jamming to Shaggy and Rihanna in our room, and probably within the next hour sound asleep. Tomorrow we’re headed to Macaw Mountain where we hear the Tucans can be quite feisty so we will need our strength.







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