Three to a Seat

This morning we woke up around 6:00 am to the loud booms and bangs of fireworks in San Pedro – it sounded like dynamite exploding. They are celebrating a religious festival which means tons of fireworks with no flash and frighteningly loud, untimed bangs!

This was all fine and well as we wanted to hit the road early, back to Antigua, to make good time. Friday is a busy market day in Sololà meaning that the camionetas would be full. After a quick boat ride across Lago de Atitlán – and a bitter sweet farewell to San Pedro Volcano – we were on our first bus and jammed between people like sardines in a can. The novelty of riding the camioneta wore off real quick, as they whipped around sharp bends and whined rapidly down mountain roads. We probably enjoyed this much less this time around, on account of our throbbingly sore muscles. The whole ride you are hanging on to the backs of seats and swaying with the bus as it moves.

Once we got into Antigua, and after we were sent away from Juma Posada due to no vacancy, we dropped our bags at a hostel just up the street, Azul Banano. And of course being famished we walked another couple of blocks up and sat down at our local favorite, Club Sandwich Restaurant. It turns out that CSR is a hot spot for a Friday lunch, unfortunately bringing the quality that we had come to expect, way down. Pawel’s lunch was delicious, I on the other hand had a banana, strawberry, nutella crepe that tasted like it was fried in the same pan as the quesdilla Pawel was enjoying. But c’est la vie, you win some you lose some – I would still go back!

Turns out that we have horrible judgement and after closer inspection, peering across the hall to an unmade bed, revealed that Azul Banano was in fact swarming with any travelers worst enemy – bed bugs. Gone like the wind we were, not even bothering to explain that we would not be staying or trying to get a refund. We walked a few blocks to the highly referred Yellow House. The room is beautiful, clean and welcoming, and best of all we have four pillows! Four pillows is a true delight for us.

Having endured a long, rather stressful and lackluster day we comforted ourselves with the always satisfying McDonald’s. It’ll be an early night for us as tomorrow starts at 3:30 am with a seven hour shuttle to Copan, Honduras. So adios Guatemala, it’s been swell!




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