Friends in High Places

We are seemingly on a bit of a banana mixed with anything kick. This morning was banana-chocolate panqueques (pancakes) and fresh brewed coffee. We hit the road, or lake as it is, pretty early this morning in pursuit of an alternate viewpoint – both in landscape and in mind.

As we road up to the San Pedro dock, we could see that this town was much larger than San Marcos which meant more to explore. We went to the streets and after about half hour we landed at Mansion del Lago. Which ironically enough, is half the price of our mud hut from the night passed. The city itself is much more fueled by tourism, but if you simply walk to the top of the town you can be completely surrounded by the locals in traditional dress that work in the bustling mercado. We slowly wandered the streets, poking our heads into every second store, and stopping to admire the view at every chance.

After a couple hours of wandering we decided to turn back for the hotel and it was then that we spotted a familiar face – the lovely Lisa! It may not seem like much of a coincidence, knowing that Lisa was at the lake, but it really was. We had made plans to visit Santiago together tomorrow and if we had not turned back and continued on to the dirt paths we may have just missed each other. It was surreal to see someone familiar in such an unfamiliar place. We spent the latter half of the afternoon catching up over quesadillas, guacamole and mojitos at a lovely lakeside restaurant – D’nos. The three of us parted ways and planned to maybe run into each other at the San Pablo beach tomorrow.

Our hotel patio points directly at the beautiful Indian Nose mountains, we sat here for a while admiring the view and doing some more research about the town. After about an hour we headed out again to explore the other side of the town. We thought we had a good idea of where we were going, but the small twisty streets soon turned into a labyrinth. Admitting to ourselves that we were lost, we used our now excellent spanish skills to ask for directions. A few more lefts and a few more rights and we were now on the correct path. The other side of town is really nice, every restaurant/property has really lush gardens and great views of the lake. Down a hidden path we followed some signs for Los Thermals – a collection of 5 small stone pools that are solar heated and available upon request. We just might need to check these out following our seven hour hike of San Pedro volcano this Thursday.

Today, after touring the market, we have decided to be vegetarians for the remainder of our trip. Tonight will be pretty low key, including a hippie-friendly vegetarian dinner at Shanti Shanti. That’s all for now folks!












5 thoughts on “Friends in High Places

  1. Amazing photos! I especially love the one of the two of you with the volcano background … spectacular!

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