Nuestros Ultimia Día con Los Patojos

Today was our third day at Spanish school and our last day with Los Patojos. The day started off like any other school day would. We woke up an hour before class, ate a quick breakfast, got dressed and were headed out the door.

For the first part of the morning I conversed with my teacher. She says that my Spanish is very good, but I think it is just mediocre. I can understand a lot if not almost everything, but I find that sometimes it takes me a little bit to form my own ideas because I’m spending time trying to remember words/verbs.

A couple desks away I could hear Carling repeating conjugations of different verbs to her teacher. She has come a long way and has really embraced learning a second language. She likes to practice all the time and likes to study in the evening. We have quick short conversations, but when we want to say something more complex we just say it in English because it takes too long to think of what the correct way to say it in Spanish would be.

After class we grabbed a quick lunch at local café and hopped onto a camioneta (chicken bus) to Los Patojos. When we arrived Carling got pulled into a room by a little girl and was bombarded with hundreds of questions. The little kids like to speak really fast and with lots of energy and excitement so sometimes it’s hard to fully understand what they are saying. So we just nod our heads to everything. But fortunately the children see right through this and repeat the words until we understand them. Sometimes they use gestures which is very helpful.

Later on, we reassembled our group from yesterday and began shooting our little stop motion animation. After shooting a couple frames we showed the kids the animation on the camera and they were amazed by the result. After a couple more shots they really got the hang of how far each piece had to move to get a smooth animation. Overall it was quite fun and everyone enjoyed the final product. We really enjoyed volunteering at Los Patojos and think it is a really great project to help keep the kids off the streets. Everyone there is really kind and does everything in the best interest of the kids. On our way out, the group that we were working with gave us a big applause and thanked us for our help. We spoke with Juan, the director and founder, and he said that everyone there was sad to see us go because we were able to dive right in and some volunteers come for a year and make no progress. This was super touching and we shared with him our interest in continuing a relationship with them in the future!

When we returned back to our hotel we had a little siesta and then we were back out on the town looking for a place to eat dinner. We passed by this cool little place called “Café Urbano”. The interior is covered with really awesome graffiti and it has a pretty funky vibe. Also the food was amazing. As we were sitting there we met a guy named Matteo who gave us lots of tips on where to go next. He also informed us of a Muay Thai gym in Antigua. We will definitely be checking it out tomorrow. On our way home we passed by our favorite restaurant only to find out the true name of this little gem is Club Sandwich Restaurant. We think this is hilarious as it is probably a worst name than Gallo Cerveza . That’s all for now. Adios amigos.






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