We started off the day on an excellent note – fresh breads from a bakery around the corner. Up until now we had been eating small pitas from a bag from the Supermercdo.

Back in the learning zone we were quick into complex conversations with our teachers. It is unbelievable how much Spanish we both have at our disposal. All we need is to be prompted by the right question to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Often the classes will veer off course and the conversation will digress, until circling back to the word that took us off course in the first place. Half way through each morning we take a quick break for coffee and cookies. Today the ladies made an all natural flower tea, the colour was a deep magenta and it was sweet to taste. We took this opportunity to relax on the rooftop terrace and iron out our idea for our stop motion project.

Right after school we headed for Los Patojos – we were excited to brief our group. Fortunately for us, we had a storyboard. Without this, we aren’t so sure how on board the students would have been. With limited supplies, we had the children draw patterns in a square that we had outlined for them. After this we traced, cut and folded all the illustrations into cubes. From here our plan is to construct letters, spelling out the words Los Patojos. Stay tuned for the finished project.

Tonight it rained really hard in Antigua – somewhat deterring us from out original plans of venturing across the city to discover a new restaurant. However, we ended up back at our usual haunt, Gallo Cerveza. This is not the real name of the restaurant – Gallo is a type of beer in Guatemala. The restaurants here don’t really have large enticing signs, it’s usually hidden or hand painted somewhere small. The chalkboard sign out front of the restaurant is a proportional board from Gallo. We prefer not to know its true name. The food is cheap, the portions are large and thus far amoeba free! After a seated chair dance party and a Daft Punk serenade we walked home in the rain.

Oh and by the way it’s not Vick’s…it’s Vick. Don’t worry, it fooled us too.










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