Last Day in Paradise

Today we tubed down a fast flowing river, made chocolate from organic cacao seeds and rocked in handmade Guatemalan hammocks.

Our last day here was ultra relaxing, in preparation for the long haul van ride we have ahead of us tomorrow. This morning we awoke quite early, as per usual, and had breakfast – egg soup and bean tostadas – with the group.

Against my better judgement, we headed up river with tubes and a positive attitude. For everyone else in the known world tubing through rapids in turquoise waters is a blast, I’m sure. However, for me, spinning in circles and whirling through rapids blind is frightening as depth perception is dodgy at times leading to immanent rock crashes. It started off quite lovely really, we were moving at a solid 2 km/hour, but this was short lived. We made it through the first set of rapids and it was quite fun, but soon after I was rudely assaulted by a large rock to my bottom, making me wary of the rapids to follow. We made it down and Pawel laughed at my hesitation pretty much the entire time as it was my hesitation that in the end landed me trapped between a series of jagged rocks!

For the rest of the afternoon we learned all about the cocao tree and bean. Jon, the owner, runs a chocolate making class and takes you through the simple five step process. For now that will remain a secret.

We now know how to make quite possibly the tastiest, and healthiest chocolate known to man. Thats probably an exaggeration but the end result was delicious, 100% organic chocolate. We had a ton of fun doing this and the subsequent sugar high crash landed us in the hammocks chatting with a lovely lady and her son, Tina and Landon.

When we arrived at the Utopia Hotel, we kept comparing it to the movie The Beach. We were a small group of travelers that had found an amazing oasis in the middle of nowhere. We partied together and explored together and everyone became really close. So much like the movie – unwanted visitors overcrowded our hidden gem and put a kink into our relaxing experience. After a sleepless night and a tumble down a wet flight of stairs we were happy to be
packing up and on the road again.










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