Toonie Tuesdays

This morning we woke up to the sound of people working away on a nearby construction site. People really make the most of their day here. As soon as day lights breaks there are people running, walking and biking around the outskirts of the island. The buzz from the motorcycles is always within earshot and is actually quite a humbling sound.

We packed up some stuff and tried to locate an ATM before we found a place for breakfast. After getting some help from the tourist office we managed to find the only ATM on the island tucked away in a small grocery store. Breakfast was quite simple, we just had some Huevos (eggs) and pancakes.

After breakfast we decided to explore the city. We hiked around and made our way to the highest point of the city where the local park and church reside. The city is compromised of lots of small windy cobble stone roads and tight alley ways. All the buildings are painted bright beautiful colors and no two buildings have the same colour scheme.

We lazed around for a bit and did some reading while enjoying the nice views and the refreshing lake breeze. Once we were done reading we headed back out to town to find some food. There are tons of little restaurants and bars that you would have to be here for a couple weeks to visit all of them. Which is quite amazing when you can walk around the circumference of the island within 30 minutes. We settled on this little place with a fantastic view of the lake. The sign out front that said two Mojitos for Q15 (Quetzales) also helped do some convincing. For those of you unfamiliar with the currency conversion Q15 = $2 American. So we grabbed a table and ordered drinks and some tacos. The drinks were ice cold and amazingly refreshing, and the tacos served on fresh homemade corn tortillas were just as equally amazing.

As we were enjoying our lunch we noticed the sky turning a dark grey and a familiar rumbling noise in the distance. We were told by quite a few people about the intense rain showers that happen in Flores and we were excited to witness one first hand. Within a couple minutes the wind picked up and table clothes started flying and we had to move further away from the open patio. Then without warning, down pour. The rain was heavy and loud as it clattered on the steel roof and it was hard to hear yourself think. Not 10 minutes later the rain had stopped and the sun started to break through the clouds. This happens almost everyday during the rain season. It’s sunny all morning, then hit rains for 10 – 20 minutes and then the sun comes out again.

After lunch we picked up some fresh bananas and some granola bars for tomorrows excursion to Tikal. Feeling quite tired we headed back to our room for a mid afternoon nap.

Once we were refreshed we headed back out for an evening stroll and stumbled upon this little restaurant / bar called the “Cool Bean”. The patio area of this place was filled with palm trees and other tropical vegetation and made you feel like you were stuck in the middle of a jungle. After finishing our plate of nachos and two ice cold Micheladas we headed back early because we have to leave for Tikal at 4:30 am. Carling is stressing out about the tarantulas and other jungle creatures so I need to calm her down! Till next time.









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