Huevos Rancheros

Today was our last day in Caye Caulker and Belize. To make the best of it we started our day off with a typical Belizean breakfast, Huevos Rancheros. For those of you who have never tried this wonderful meal, it is a must. The breakfast consists of two eggs served on top of flour tortillas with the added deliciousness of refried beans, salsa and cheese to melt it all together. At home we make it with fresh guacamole for added flavour. We hung around and chatted with our server for quite some time. Justin, like most the island people, is incredibly friendly and shared tons of interesting stories.

After biking around the island and shooting some footage we landed at our usual spot, the Split. However this time we spent most of the day hidden in the shade to prevent any further reddening of our bodies. There was some pretty loud, pretty Caribbean music playing all afternoon and just as we packed up the live band came on stage. We listened to a few songs and danced a bit from our seated positions on our towels. The locals however danced like it was nothing, moving along to the sweet island beats and soulful sounds of a hand drum and some keys.

The thing to do on this island is drink and relax and drink some more. We witnessed some straight crazy drunkenness this morning from a middle age couple at the Split. The husband was stuck drunkenly a float, bleeding from somewhere and wiping it on his face, as the wife tried to coax him to shore with an ice cold Belikin beer. After five days here, we were not at all surprised.

We have decided to head West to Guatemala as there is so much we want to see there – the more time we have the better. Our first stop will be in Flores, we plan to stay a few nights and make the trip to see the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Our trip tomorrow includes a golf cart ride, water taxi to the main land and a combination of buses and taxis to cross the border to Guatemala. Should be fun, we will report back on our experience tomorrow.









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