Wish Willy’s

We should probably start with the highlights of the day, as we started off a bit rocky on account of the previous nights Cuba Libres. After a can of Pringles, bag of M&M peanuts and Gatorade we were set to lay on the pier and recuperate.

Today was super mellow – we literally didn’t move from the pier for three hours. Which resulted in our lobster red completion this evening. For lunch we had some fresh island fruits and the pineapple here is so amazing, it tastes so much better! Even the watermelon is sweeter and fresher.

Around dinner time we biked into town to check out a funky restaurant called Wish Willy’s. The concept is super neat, you show up order a drink and then the cook makes you some damn delicious food. You don’t order anything you just eat what they are cooking on the grill. The whole restaurant is in some Rastas yard, there are a bunch of tables and chairs set up with some hammocks and reggae music playing in the background. We had three pork chops, one whole grilled jack fish, two shrimp skewers, coconut rice and grilled veggies. Yes, we ate all of it. Just as we were about to leave Toby and Georgie (the Kiwis) strolled in so we sat with them for their dinner and a drink after.

On the bike ride home we saw a ton of dead crabs. The locals think its funny to drive over them, we find it very hard to dodge them on our bikes. They basically run right for the tire and the whole moving sideways thing between two bikes passing isn’t a good situation. We laugh at them every time. Now home on the roof, with full bellies, we are calling it a night.

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