Super Kevin & Captain Jerry

Yesterday we headed out to snorkel the world’s second largest barrier reef, and it was unbelievable. Our tour, organized by Ragamuffin, was a full day sailing, snorkeling extravaganza. The boat stopped at three places along the barrier reef, including Shark Ray Alley.

At the first stop we had the rare opportunity to see a Manatee, it was shocking how big this thing was. And the trip just kept getting better. After a huge, delicious seafood lunch, we were shark bait! There was no good way of jumping in without brushing up against a shark, sting ray or Jack fish. We thought this would be the highlight of the day but it got even better when we pulled up to the last spot. Immediately beside our boat was a five foot long black grouper. Eating sea grass next to it were four sea turtles! The turtles were so adorable and so unaffected by our presence. We also saw some baby lobsters, a green moray eel and some more sharks. The boys on the boat said it was a pretty great day for all that we saw.

The staff, Super Kevin and Captain Jerry, were hilarious – they pretty much laughed the whole time and all the people on board were really friendly. Super Kevin was an amazing guide, he really made the day what it was for us.

After our third and final dive we were treated to delicious Shrimp Ceviche and of course all the Rum Punch you could drink. When we docked, we grabbed drinks with some Kiwis (New Zealanders) and a German couple and Super Kevin. Cuba Libres and Mojitos flowed all night long. We made plans to meet for breakfast and then stumbled home on our bikes.









2 thoughts on “Super Kevin & Captain Jerry

  1. What an amazing experience. Looks and sounds like you’re having a wonderful start to a super duper long vacation. Missing and thinking of you always!

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