Rum Punch

This morning we were looking forward to the overcast skies that the weatherman had promised us, hoping it would cool the air down a little. But hey, 45 and sunny is really nothing to complain about. After a quick breakfast we packed our bag and headed out to town. We biked along the beach all the way to The Split, enjoying the fresh morning breeze and admiring all the waterfront cabanas and bars.

We decided to take today and relax, which of course included a couple of rum punches and beers. We met a couple from Salt Lake City who leant us their snorkeling gear. You really don’t have to swim far to see some of Belize’s sea life. On the list today was a star fish; which we picked up, an angry looking sea urchin and dozens of different tropical fish.

After no longer being able to tolerate the Sun’s rays we decided to find a place to eat. We settled on a neat little bar called Bambooze – where all the seats are swings hanging from the ceiling! Carling ordered the world’s biggest burrito which was the size of her entire arm. It wasn’t actually called that on the menu, they just make gigantic burritos. So from now on we are going to share meals.

After lunch we met up with Tim and Barbara (the couple from Salt Lake) and agreed to go on a sailing/snorkeling/drinking adventure. So try not to have your hopes up for a post tomorrow đŸ™‚

Stay cool. We will be trying to.






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