Go Slow

We have arrived in beautiful Belize! The 40+ degree weather definitely let us know that we were no longer in Canada. After a short and lively cab ride from the airport we hopped on a water taxi to Caye Caulker, where the theme is to “Go Slow”. To our delight a lovely gentleman greeted us with bags of plantain chips which were exactly what the doctor ordered after a day of flying with no in flight food service!

There are no cars on this small island. People just get around by golf carts and bicycles. Keeping with the theme we jumped on our slightly deflated bikes and moseyed into town. Our first stop was the Split, which is the beach portion on the island. Turns out our plan to cool off in the water was not going to fly as the water, is actually warmer than the air.

After a long day of traveling, and lots of biking about we decided to call it early, as we didn’t want to get lost trying to find our way home in the dark. We finished the night off with two ice cold Belizean beers and a meat lovers pizza, Canadian styles. So good night all from our rooftop patio in paradise.20130605-203018.jpg20130605-203238.jpg

2 thoughts on “Go Slow

  1. The water looks so clear! Hard to believe that you are a world away….love from the fam!!!!

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